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Extra curricular activities - Middle School

Timetable of activities Description of activities Overview of activities


Timetable of activities


Day/ Time



Amnesty Friday lunchtimes B02 Mr Whiteman
Archery Wednesdays after school Projectiles rm. Mr Lake
Art Every lunchtime. Mondays & Fridays after school (Wednesday in Autumn Term). Art dept. Art dept.
Athletics Summer Term only. Mondays and Tuesdays after school. Friday lunchtimes. Track/ Field Mr Lowe,
Mr Keenleyside & Mr Jenkins
Backgammon Fridays 1pm - 2pm. M03 Mr Barnes
Badminton Squad Autumn and Spring Term only.

Squad training: Mondays after school. Recreational: Monday and Wednesday lunchtimes and Friday after school.
Sports Hall Mr Herzmark
Basketball Autumn and Spring Term only. Fridays after school. Sports Hall Mr Kingdon
Bridge Mondays after school and Tuesdays & Thursdays 1.20pm. M08 Mr Haring & Mr Marx
Chess Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes 1.00 pm - 2.00 pm M03 Mr Barnes
Christian Union Mondays 1.20pm. B08 Mr Cawley
Classical Society Wednesdays 1.20pm. B02 Mr Whiteman

Autumn Term
Invitational training only

Spring Term
Yr 9 - Thursdays after school.
Yr 10 - Mondays after school
Lunchtimes - invitational training

Summer Term
Yr 9 - Fridays after school
Yr 10 - Tuesdays after school

Sports Hall

& Nets

Cricket staff
Cross Country Thursdays 12.50pm. Games corridor Mr Cox
Crossword Mondays 1.20pm - 1.50pm S16 Mr Whalley
Debating Tuesdays after school E16 Miss Murray
Design Tech See Design Technology department for details. Design Tech. DT dept.
Fencing Wednesdays 1.10pm - 1.50pm. Aske Hall Mr Glanville
Film Society See Film Soc. notice board for details. Mr Wright
Fitness Beginners - Tuesdays 1.10pm.

Advanced - to be advertised
Old Gymnasuim PE dept.
Greek Mondays & Thursdays 1.05pm - 1.35pm. B02 Mr Whiteman & Mrs Butcher
History Tuesdays after school (every two weeks). B08 Mrs Bardou
Hockey Autumn term

Yr 9 - Tuesday lunchtimes
Yr 10 - Thursday lunchtimes
Yr 11 - Wednesday lunchtimes

Spring term

Yr 9 - Tuesday lunchtimes and Friday after school
Yr 10 - Thursday lunchtimes and Wednesday after school
Yr 11 - Friday lunchtimes and Monday after school

Astro Mr Long

Yr 9
Mr Fenn
Mr Thackrey

Yr 10
Mr Yeabsley
Dr Pyburn

Yr 11
Mr Keenleyside
Mr McIntosh


All after school:

Monday GCSE Clinic Yr10, ECDL Yr9, Master Club Yr9
Tuesday GCSE Clinic Yr10, ECDL Clinic Yr9, PHP Web Design Yr9
Wednesday GCSE Clinic Yr10, ECDL Clinic Yr9
Thursday GCSE Clinic Yr10, EDCL Clinic Yr9

ICT dept. ICT Staff
Indoor Hockey Autumn term only

Yr 10 & 11 - Tuesday lunchtimes

Sports hall Mr Keenleyside &
Mr Long
Jewish Society Tuesdays 1.10pm. Old Refectory Miss Kingston
Life drawing (GCSE) Autumn & Spring term only
Wednesday after school
Art studio 3 Mr Todhunter
Lifesaving Wednesdays after school. Pool Dr Clayton
Magic Club Fridays 1.20pm. S22 Mr Glanville
Meditation Wednesdays 1.00pm. Chapel Rev. Markby
Music Extensive programme - see Music Dept. Music dept.
Photo society Mondays after school Art dept. Mr Keenleyside
Politics & Economics See notices around the school when they have gatherings. Dr Wigley & Mrs Shah
Romesoc Wednesdays 1.20pm - 2.00pm. B02 Mr Whiteman
Rugby Squad Training Autumn term only. All sessions are after school.

Yr 9 - Thursday
Yr 10 - Tuesday
Yr 11 - Monday & Thursday

Rugby pitches Rugby staff i/c teams
Russian Club (Yr 9) Friday lunch times. L03 Mr Thackrey
Science Club Thursdays 1.20pm. S17 Miss Pindoria
Scrabble Thursdays 1.10pm - 2.00pm. L13 Ms McKenzie & Mrs Robson
'Simpsons' Tuesdays 1.15pm L01 Mrs Robson
Swimming Autumn and Spring Term only. Thursdays 12.45pm - 1.30pm Pool Mr Stiff
Table Tennis Squad Training Mondays 4.15pm - 5.15pm Old gymnasium Mr Trinder
Tennis Summer Term only. Every lunchtime and after school. Astro Mr Long
Water Polo Mondays 1.00pm - 1.30pm,

Tuesdays after school (Autumn term only)
Pool Mr Matthews & Mr Stiff
Website Design Wednesdays 4.15pm - 5.15pm B12 Mr Yu

Description of activities

The Amnesty International group meets in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere to discuss topical issues relevant to human rights and to take direct action by writing letters to government representatives on behalf of individuals whose rights have been disregarded e.g. those who are unlawfully imprisoned those and who have been tortured or are at risk of torture. At least once a year we will be engaged in a fund-raising initiative organised by group members.

Archery The club is open to all the boys from year 9 upwards. Places are limited so arrive early. You must wear trainers.
Archery is primarily an individual sport, combining physical skill and mental focus. The initial aim is to learn the basics of target archery. Members who wish to shoot competitively may enter a number of outside competitions and there is also a team 'head to head' inter-House archery competition at the end of the spring term.

An occasion for those who want to:

a) Experiment and enjoy space and materials to make personal pieces with a degree of support.

b) Develop class projects.. fulfil art homework.

c) Produce artefacts for other uses: projects in and out of school.

 Initiative and determination are essential.

A mixture of activities, talks by external speakers and observations (of the Sun during the day and night time observations for those able to stay in the winter months when it gets dark early).

For team members.

All levels welcome. Coaching for stronger players is available from Mr Barnes.
Badminton Squad

The badminton club is thriving and successful. There are six courts in the purpose-built modern sports hall. The club offers both coaching for the school squads and recreational Badminton for players of all abilities. The school teams are regular winners of the Hertfordshire School Tournaments and finalists in the English School Badminton Association events. The school's under 16 team have been National Schools champions in the recent past.

Come and receive Basketball coaching from members of the school squad. Learn new skills and techniques. Work hard and get into the team.

Bridge Club is open to boys of all ages and abilities - all you need is an interest in card games. Complete beginners are welcome on Mondays from 4.00 - 5.15 pm, where they will be taught how to play, often by senior boys. Those who know the basics also play on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes. We enter teams in the National Schools' Cup which we have won in three of the last five years. Senior boys also play in the Middlesex adults league and one or two have gained selection for the England U20 squad.

All levels welcome. There is professional coaching for the stronger players. We have inter-House competitions and a "player of the year" trophy to be won. School teams play in the Herts league and enter national competitions.
Christian Union

Crosstalk is a friendly gathering of boys and staff at which we sometimes talk, listen, play games, study the bible and pray. Most of our members are Christian but we have visitors from other faiths. All are welcome.
Classical Society

Studies of the classical world. The group are shortly due to hold a series of meetings looking at classical philosophy.

The Cricket Club has been very successful for many years.  In 2006, the 1st XI won 19 out of 22 games and was one of only four schools in the country to remain undefeated, and this season we won against an MCC side for the third year in succession.

There are plenty of opportunities to play cricket at Habs, as this booklet illustrates, whether you have played the game before or are a novice.

Cross Country

The Habs Cross Country Squad meet to improve their endurance and running speed.
Crossword Learn the skills of solving cryptic crosswords or build up your ability to tackle the more difficult types.

A chance to learn the skills required for the effective development and presentation of arguments on a wide range of controversial topics.  The debating sessions are open to all and no previous experience is required.  A good opportunity to acquire the crucial social skill of public speaking and have fun at the same time.
Design Technology

These are led by individual Design Technology teachers at their discretion. Pupils should consult their technology teacher for further details.

This club has a professional coach and there is a fee of £24 which covers one term. Applications can be made to Mr Glanville.
Film Society

For reasons of film classification, the Film Society tends to meet as two separate groups; over and under 15's. On a termly basis the society shall decide which films shall make up a "season", whether by genre, director, actor or other category. The objective of the society is to broaden the personal film history of members. The notice-board for the society is in the upper English corridor.


There are two classes - Beginners and Advanced. The Beginners session is aimed at boys who feel that they are less fit than they would like to be. Designed to improve levels of fitness by sessions of aerobics and circuits, working with others who find it a challenge too. Good fun with music and exercises. The Advanced session is aimed at boys who represent Habs in any sport.

A chance to begin the study of the ancient Greek language.

This club meets very two weeks. From the Titanic to treasure hunts and "Historical evidence the Flintstones way", the club offers something for all Junior historians including opportunities for some day trips. As the dates of meetings may vary, you should keep an eye on the notice board outside the History office for details of meetings.


All students are welcome to attend. The format of the session will be basic skills followed by a series of small-sized games. One or two fixtures may be arranged against other schools towards the end of term. This is a chance for beginners and experienced players in the junior school to learn new skills and play competitive games.
Jewish Society

Absorbing speakers are invited every Tuesday to address "Nosh and Learn" - an informal lunch break spent discussing various topics and issues while eating hot kosher food. Festivals are usually marked with lavish parties, jointly with the Girls' School J-Soc, whilst the 'Mincha' prayer service takes place every day except Friday.

J-soc welcomes boys of any religiousness.
Life Drawing (GCSE) Drawing the figure, both male and female, in a wide range of media including pencil, graphite stick, pen and ink, pastels, and willow stick. An excellent opportunity to widen the range of your GCSE coursework folio, improve your pure drawing skills, and meet new friends!

Learn lifesaving techniques and how to rescue casualties on land from the water. Open to boys and girls from Year 8 upwards. Members are trained according to the Royal Lifesaving curriculum, and can study for Lifesaving Awards.
Magic Club

Learn new tricks and improve your skills - and your patter.

This is simply a time to have 15 minutes of total peace and quiet in the chapel at the mid point of a busy week.  Rev. Markby will usually be there for anyone who wishes to meet her.

HABS has an extensive and varied extra-curricular music programme. We provide opportunities for boys at all levels to play in both large and small ensembles. Our aim is to involve every pupil in enjoyable musical activity, whilst promoting a professional and caring attitude towards group music.
Photo society (Yr 10) Developing and printing Black & White photos in the traditional way - chemicals and darkroom etc.
Politics and Economics

These two societies meet to welcome guest speakers at periodic intervals. You will hear announcements and see notices around the school when they have gatherings, which anyone can attend.

Romesoc investigate classical society and Roman history, focusing some meetings on the Roman military with practical demonstrations.
Rugby Squad Training

The rugby training for year 7 will start in September with those boys who have played before. Very soon, boys are identified in their form groups and added to the squad to form the full Year 7 squad. The year 8 squad is made up of boys who have developed well.
Russian Club (Yr 9)

Learn to speak Russian, write Russian and learn all about Russia and the Russians.

Science Club

Interesting talks on scientific issues / topics by guest speakers

Boys with a keen interest in Scrabble will be able to participate in games (hopefully more than pairs!) with other scrabble fanatics. There is usually a Spanish, German and French Day every term or half term.

Watch an episode of Simpsons. Newcomers welcome. If there  is a specific episode you want to watch let us know as the school has a wide selection. Note: this society alternates with the Star Trek society.


Training for the school swimming teams to improve technique, stamina and speed.
Table Tennis Squad Training

Training for the school table tennis teams. Bats/ balls can be provided.


The school has fifteen astro-turf courts available in the summer term. These are available on a first come first served basis at lunchtime and after school, when not required for a school fixture, to boys wearing PE kit and with their own tennis equipment.
Water Polo

Water Polo is a sport for competent swimmers. School fixtures for U12's (Yr 7) start late in the Spring Term, and continue in the Summer Term; for the U13's (Yr 7 & Yr 8) the fixtures usually start in the Spring Term, and continue through the Summer Term. Most fixtures are held after school, rather than on weekends.
Website Design

This is a practical club where pupils can learn how to design websites in HTML or Frontpage. This is an ideal opportunity for pupils assisting with the development of department intranet sites or wishing to build their own site. See the ICT department website for details and photos.

Overview of activities
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lunch time Art


Christian Union


Tennis (Summer)
Water Polo (Autumn)


Fitness (Beginners)

U14 Hockey
U15/16 Indoor Hockey (Autumn)
Jewish Society

Tennis (Summer)


Classical Society


U16 Hockey (Spring)




Tennis (Summer)



U15 Hockey


Squash (Autumn/ Spring)

Swimming (Autumn/ Spring)

Tennis (Summer)
Athletics (Summer)


U16 Hockey (Spring)

Magic Club


Tennis (Summer)

After school Athletics (Summer)

U15 Cricket (Spring)

Table Tennis (Autumn/ Spring)

Tennis (Summer)
Athletics (Summer)

U15 Cricket (Summer)

History (fortnightly)

Tennis (Summer)
Water Polo (Autumn) 
Art (Autumn)

U 15 Hockey (Spring)


Tennis (Summer)

Website Design
U14 Cricket (Spring)

Cross Country

Tennis (Summer)



U14 Cricket (Summer)

U14 Hockey (Spring)
Tennis (Summer)

Music- see dept
Politics & Economics - see notice boards

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